After each finished repair, you will be offered one hour of free parking in parking De Bond (at the station, 20m from our store).
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iFixers Repair Shop: A fast, quality service and smooth repair.

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60 min. service*

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Open continuously between 11 and 18h

iFixers Shop

In the center of lively Leuven lies our repair shop for private and business customers. Here you can visit for a quick repair.

Our store is easily accessible:

Public transport

Easily accessible by public transport, iFixers is located near Leuven station.

By bike

Easily accessible by bicycle, including bicycle parking nearby.

By car

Parking is available in Parking De Bond, which is located less than 50 meters from our store. After each repair you will be offered one hour of free parking at De Bond.
iPad repairs

Fast repairs, with a smile

In our store in Leuven we can provide the fastest possible service. In fact, our experienced technicians can complete most repairs within 60 minutes.

Throughout the recovery process, you will be in contact with our staff who can provide answers to all your questions.

Our most common repairs

Broken display

The screen is cracked or broken

No image

Your screen no longer displays or has lcd streaks.

Refuses to charge

Your device no longer draws power or the charger no longer fits in properly.

Refuses to boot

Your device does not start up or keeps rebooting.

Bad battery

Your battery no longer lasts long or your device sometimes fails.

Broken backcover

The fragile glass on the back of you device is cracked or had visual defects.

No sound

There is a problem with the sound on your device.


Your device keeps rebooting without ever starting properly.
Concerned man

We are more connected than ever.

But what if you lose that connection?

iFixers is keenly aware that our smartphones, tablets, computers and other electronics have become indispensable.

We will always strive to get your repair done as quickly as possible, and with high-quality parts and a service that takes your mind completely off it.

Repair has never been easier!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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*We can do most repairs within 60 minutes but there are exceptions.

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