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Why iFixers is the choice that makes sense

No hassle, 1 year guarantee

Just like our standard service, we deem our guarantee policy of utmost importance. All guarantee cases are processed with the same care and speed.

Your privacy is important

IFixers guarantees 100% privacy for its customers. Our technicians have a duty of discretion, your device is in good hands.

Still issues afterwards?

No worries, our store is available for all your issues. Our staff will do everything to help you in the best possible way. You can always count on IFixers.

No cure? No pay!

We apply the “No cure? No Pay!” principle. When it is established that a device is unrepairable, no costs are charged. Only when a repair is completed successfully these are charged.

iFixers repairs a wide range of brands, 85% of all parts are always in stock!

Delivered my iPad with a broken screen to a friendly guy today at 10.10, and ready at 11.30, nice, clean and well-finished. And for the right price.


Friendly, good and fast efficient service! Screen of a Huawei Y530 was in stock and repaired within the hour for the pre-determined price. Recommended! Keep up the good work.


Feeling desperate with your iPhone that says that it is blocked for 75.869.045 minutes and helped immediately in the store by a charming guy. Great!


Frequently asked questions

Do you only repair IPhones?

No, iFixers also does various repairs of most other brands. These repairs are processed with the same speed. All prices are available on our website.

Can you repair water damage as well?

Of course, but keep in mind that these repairs generally take longer because the entire motherboard must be subjected to an ultrasonic cleaning. Also, we have to make sure that the device is completely dry before we can work on it. Never try to switch your device back on when it is still humid!

Is it possible to send my device?

This is possible, the only thing you have to do is print the registration form and fill it out. The form can be downloaded from our website. Please make sure that all required fields are filled out. Request a free shipping label via our contact form. For the complete processing you should count on 3 days. Do you send us the device on Monday, then you can expect it back on Wednesday.

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