iFixers your B2B partner for smartphone and tablet repairs

IFixers repairs smartphones and tablets for 5 years already. For companies too, these have become almost indispensable. Therefore, 3 years ago we have widened our focus to the B2B market as well, because with iFixers companies choose for a partner that is specialized in repairing smartphones and tablets.

In fact, iFixers only works with the OEM parts of the device. But our main advantage remains the speed and accuracy with which the devices are handled. iFixers does not want to be a price-cutter, but guarantees a tailored service that works and that satisfies our customers.

  • OEM parts
  • Fast service
  • Fixed contact person
  • We provide for all materials for shipment
  • Pay monthly via transfer
  • 1 year guarantee
  • B2B discount

The B2B partner box, especially for your company

For all our B2B customers we have created the partner box two years ago.
This is a kit tailored to the size of your company with all the necessary materials to send devices to us.
It is important, both for you and for us, that the entire repair process runs in a smooth and transparent manner,
therefore our partner box.
In the past, we often noticed that different packaging and ways of sending were used for the shipment of devices by companies. Consequently, there was no unique overview per customer, but also the safety of the devices was jeopardised.
In our partner box you can also find the shipment labels, such that it is very easy to send the devices to us.

Contact us

You’d rather not come by? Just send your device to us!

2. Send

Send us the device together with the form using Bpost or another delivery service.

3. Repair

When the device arrives at our store, we carry out the repair immediately.

4. Receive

After the repair, we send you the repair receipt or invoice via email. You can make the payment via PayPal or bank transfer. As soon as we have received the payment, the device is sent back.

They already work with iFixers