After each finished repair, you will be offered one hour of free parking in parking De Bond (at the station, 20m from our store).
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Repairs have never been easier
for businesses.

Repairs of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches & computers without administrative or logistical worries, then iFixers B2B Partnership is the solution for your business.

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Why would you choose an
iFixers B2B Partnership?

Smartphones, tablets & computers are an essential part of the business environment. The management, purchase, repair, update & security of these devices often bring headaches, the handling is done by different partners, takes energy, follow-up, takes a long time and is often not transparent. iFixers can offer you all these services through one platform where we relieve you from A to Z in the complete flow.

1300companies work with iFixers for their repairs.
40000repairs are carried out annually.
85of all parts are in stock, allowing the repair to be carried out immediately.
100sustainability. Repair reduces our carbon footprint

What can you expect from us?

Inside and outside of warranty

Repairs, both in and out of warranty.

Follow the state of your repair

Easily track the status of all your ongoing repairs online.

Priority processing

A quick turnaround on repairs.

Pick up and return

(Inter)national logistics of all your repairs, anywhere, anytime.


Repair procedure in accordance with European privacy standards.

Tailored invoicing

Invoicing in consultation with our account managers, tailored to your business.

Who can iFixers serve?

We have different business models to specifically support your business where needed. iFixers reviews your needs and provides a partnership tailored to your business.


You are an insurer and want the claims of your clients to be handled quickly and correctly with also the guarantee that you yourself as an insurer will not be ripped off because people try to have devices declared irreparable etc., iFixers is familiar with the specific needs of insurers who want to offer high quality to their clients.

Government agencies, hospitals, schools

Police, defense, fire department, schools, hospitals, governments, all have a specific way of billing and internal processing. We have years of experience in working with these services and carrying out their repairs. Flexibility is a must here, so we are happy to work with your department or service to see where we can help.


Also for stores that sell appliances but don't offer repairs or are currently experiencing difficulties, iFixers can offer a way out. There will be possibilities of shuttle service where we pick up and deliver repairs daily. The advantage is that your own identity to the customers is preserved and iFixers handles the repairs behind the scenes.

Telecom Operators

You are a provider and offer telephony, you want to offer your customers even more loyalty and service by offering repairs without having to set up an internal structure for this yourself and hire additional people. iFixers can offer this service in your name both nationally and internationally for repairs inside & outside of warranty.

Repair companies

You own a repair business and want to outsource repairs because you are short on people or don't have the technical knowledge or equipment for a specific type of repair, you can.

SMEs & multinationals

Companies from 10 to 1000+ employees.

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