Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Do you only repair iPhones?
No, iFixers also does various repairs of most other brands. These repairs are processed with the same speed. All prices are available on our website.

Can you repair water damage as well?
Of course, but keep in mind that these repairs generally take longer because the entire motherboard must be subjected to an ultrasonic cleaning. Also, we have to make sure that the device is completely dry before we can work on it. Never try to switch your device back on when it is still humid!

Is it possible to send my device?
This is possible, the only thing you have to do is print the registration form and fill it out. The form can be downloaded from our website. Please make sure that all required fields are filled out. Request a free shipping label via our contact form. For the complete processing you should count on 3 days. Do you send us the device on Monday, then you can expect it back on Wednesday.

How long does a repair take?
Over 85% of all parts are in stock, these repairs are therefore completed within 60 minutes. If the part is not in stock, you should count on one extra working day. That is why we always recommend registering the device beforehand, such that you can be sure that the part has been reserved and the repair can be completed quickly.

What does the guarantee period of 1 year entail?
iFixers provides for one year of warranty for all its repairs. The guarantee is only applicable on the part that was replaced by us. Of course, we assume that you use the device responsibly. Guarantee cases are processed with the same priority as new repairs.

Do you solve software issues as well?
Generally, our technical service can solve 80% of the software issues within the hour. But in some cases it can take longer. Visit us in our store and ask for our software experts.

An issue with your smartphone or tablet?

We have it solved within the hour